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From day one of training the students will be using professional beauty products for all of their practical work, whether it’s working on each other, on family and friends treatment days, or in the student salons.

We use beauty products which we all love and use ourselves, which smell good, feel good and do wonderful things for our skin. They are beautiful to work with and it means that when the graduates leave they will be knowledgeable about at least 5 extensively used salon products.

It also means that these salons will seek out our graduates as they know about the products they use in the salon, which gives them an extra advantage.

The products which you train with are as follows:

ELEMIS Available in over 1,200 global spas and salons, 130 lavish cruise line spas and some of the world’s most luxurios 5 star spa resorts. This is a fantastic product that introduces the students to endless employment opportunities.

AINHOA A luxury range designed to pamper the client with its many specialised masks and treatments.

DANNE This is an advanced skin care range, designed to work on a cellular level, encouraging skin cell renewal,  reducing pigmentation, scarring and fine lines. These advanced skin care treatments are introduced when the students are nearing the end of their training when they are experienced enough to use them.Those graduates wishing to work in medi spas will enjoy this training especially.

DECLEOR From the very beginning, DECLÉOR has sourced effective ingredients from the world of nature and the brand’s accumulated expertise in essences has elevated it to a leading position in the field of aromatherapy. DECLÉOR blends its essential oils with painstaking precision to provide a tailored response to each of the skin’s specific needs. This explains why DECLÉOR is a brand trusted by the best beauty professionals. Their expert hands stimulate the senses and care for the skin using natural and exclusively manual techniques.

EVE TAYLOR AROMATHERAPY Eve’s aromatherapy techniques (Clinical Aromatherapy) have been adopted by many as the original industry standard for professional aromatherapy
Her original aromatherapy blends still provide both professional therapists and their clients’ with outstanding results keeping demand high around the globe.

BIO SCULPTURE GEL This treatment gel allows the therapist to perform overlays, extensions, nail art and repairs. Being a healthy nail care product it is immensely popular in salons throughout Australia and Overseas. Adding to its appeal is the fact that it is available in over 180 colours allowing for semi-permanent, non-chip nail enhancements!

NATURAL COMPATIBLES ENHANCE A mineral make-up which uses a unique feature focusing technique.

GLO MINERALS A popular mineral make-up with a vast range of colour and treatment options.

GRAFT-A-LASH With Graft-A-Lash you will find the highest quality silk lash extensions available in Australia. We know how important it is to find good quality products that last the way they are meant to. Ongoing research and testing is important to ensure the highest quality.

CARON WAX Beauty therapists world wide insist upon Caronlab Australia’s superior salon waxes and accessories. It is founder Lilliane Caron’s absolute dedication to therapist and client satisfaction that has seen the brand become Australia’s leading salon wax manufacturer; continually setting the salon standard to which others strive.

If you would like more information on any of the beauty products we use in our beautician training courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.